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Stears 2017 - Wiping Stereotypes


Stears 2017

Wiping Stereotypes

Company Details

  • Organisation Name: Stears
  • Purpose: Break the stereotypes
  • Collaboration: I.T. Partners

Stereotypical tears- An initiative cum campaign that aims to question and break down the prevalent stereotypes in the society, that have plagued the lives of many.

Stereotypes are a major problem in our society. They put labels on how a person should act or live according to his/her sex, race, age, personality, or based on other circumstances. This could affect individuals who would perhaps prefer different things or undertake different activities, but feel ashamed to do so due to societal stereotypes.

The main agenda of Stears is to break the cycle of the stereotypes that act as a hindrance in developing a Maverick Society. We need a society that accepts individuality and believes in the idea of accepting individual preferences and choices.

The socially constructed discrimination related to gender, caste, race, physical characteristics, and sexual orientation is rotting our minds to the core. It is hampering the development of mindsets of people. We, with this initiative, want to change the thinking of the society and create a platform where these stereotypes can be questioned and rectified.

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