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Your Beauty Our Inspiration

Company Details

  • Company Name: 1827 Lepota Pvt. Ltd.
  • Initiated: June, 2016
  • Deals With: Cosmetices, Pharmacy, FMCG & Hosiery
  • Collaboration: I.T. Partner

A transcript taken from founder's brochure:

Lepota came to life in June 2016 with the motto - your beauty our inspiration. With that purpose, we bring high quality cosmetics without compromising the perfect ingredients or our ethical norms.

It's not just about looking better, but feeling better. It is about our sense of well-being and self-esteem. Our line of cosmetics nourishes the skin with health & beauty. Our products simply project your inner beauty's radiance onto your skin and fill the voids by natural herbs.

We believe that beauty secrets are found in nature. Green Tea, Bamboo Sap, Red Ginseng etc are among other ingredients in our products that nourish your skin on a deeper level, thus utilizing the best of nature and science.

The Products

Current & Projected

Facial Kits

  • Gold Facial Kit
  • Diamond Facial Kit
  • Pearl Facial Kit
  • Aloe Vera Facial Kit
  • Fruit Facial Kit

Massage Creams

  • Diamond Massage Cream
  • Fruit Massage Cream
  • Papaya Massage Cream
  • Aloe Vera Massage Cream
  • Nenota Nourishing Cream

Face & Body

  • Nenota Body Lotion
  • Nenota Fairness Cream
  • Nenota Face Wash
  • Nenota Anti-Wrinkle Cream
  • Nenota Face & Body Scrub


  • Fruit Bleach Cream
  • Gold Bleach Cream
  • Diamond Bleach

Hair Line

  • Nenota Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
  • Nenota Hair Oil

& what else?

We are expanding this, already ravishing, product line very soon!

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