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Our History

As our CEO - states "It is not the money, that runs the world. It is the reason, that makes the existance necessary"
And our reason of existance is our passion for the 'Science of Technology'! A passion of innovatation and dedication to revolutionize the life of a comman man.

A "dream to revolutionize" saw a ray of light with the publication of project that opened doors to new market, offers and requests. And to serve all, there had to be a well managed banner.

Starting from a small room in a locality of Anantnag (Kashmir), Corp. H. has grown into a company, that directly or indirectly promotes and supports Technology, Education, Research, Self-Employment and more....

We started as a web development firm with our primary focus being the valley of Kashmir. However with time, we set our feet into the world of software development and later web hosting. And now, we are into every phase and need of life.

"We train, We develop, We Host, We collaborate, We Support.. We are Corp. H."

Huzaib Shafi

Man behind

Corp. H.

A person, who has dedicated his life to the Science of Computers from the core of his childhood. Stepped into the world of development at the age of 17, he credits his dedication and hard-work for success. The passion for discovering answers has lead him a long way and thus resulted in the establishment of a company, that empowers lives using the face of technology.

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" We train, We develop, We Host, We collaborate, We Support..
We are Corp. H. "